Chapter 1: Is there a Doctor?

-Bad kid gets run over and father has another kid tried for his death to have Black use his body to restore his son but Black Jack instead changes the man's face to look like the deceased child so he and his mother cna escape.

Chapter 2: First Storm of Spring

Woman with Glaucoma gets eye cornea transplant but sees image of man. Thinks she's in love but turns out man is actually rapist and murderer who killed victim and image stayed in cornea. Woman's heart is broken but black jack advises spring will come.

Chapter 3: Teratoid Cystoma

Reveal of Pinoko's birth as she was cysterioid tumor growing on her twin sister. She psyhcially warned others not to cut her and Black Jack was first to talk to her and successfully cut her and give hre new life. Sister rejects her so Black Jack takes her in.

Chapter 4: Face Sore

Man with face sore wants it cut off by Black Jack. Turns out face sore with split personality was man's conscious as man was serial murderer/hitman.

Chapter 5: Sometimes Like Pearls

Backstory as to how Jotaro Honma, the doctor who saved Black Jack's life, left a scalpel in Black Jack and his regret that doing so could've cost Black Jack his life though calcium in Black Jack's body protected him from getting hurt by the scalpel and Honma was able to remove it years later during a checkup.

Chapter 6: Confluence

Former love of Black Jack and story of how they fell in love before she had her ovaries removed due to illness and becomes a man (wouldn't happen like that in real life).

Chapter 7: Painting is Dead

Painter who suffers from radiation disease has brain transplanted and lives long enough to complete painting

Chapter 8: Star, Magnitude Six

Man who is ignored at hospital is skilled surgeon while other surgeons get involved in bribery scandal.

Chapter 9: Black Queen

Woman who can do amputations is compared to Black Jack for cold personality but when fiancee needs amputation she can't do it and Black Jack does it instead.

Chapter 10: U-18 Knew

Computer doctor claims to have illness and has Black Jack operate on it

Chapter 11: The Legs of an Ant

Boy with walking disability takes same journey Black Jack once did.

Chapter 12: Two Loves

Sushi chef gets run over by truck and arms amputated. Sushi chef makes driver help him and two become good friends. Man run over and dies so arms transplanted onto sushi chef.