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This is a list of Black Jack 2004 series and 2006 anime series. The 2004 series lasted from October 11 2004 to March 6, 2006 with 62 episodes. It was directed for Tezuka Productions by Makoto Tezuka. For the list of episodes for Black Jack 21, look under List of Black Jack 21 Episodes.

List of Episodes Edit

Black Jack Television Series (2004-2006) Edit

Episode #




Original Airdate


The Order of Operations

Black Jack visits an island and performs an operation on an Iriomote cat, a baby, and a politician in that order.

11 October 2004


The Vanished Needle

Pinoko becomes friends with a boy named Sharaku after saving him from a bully named Kong but Sharaku falls ill and Black Jack operates. Unfortunately, the needle enters his heart and only a miracle can save him now.

11 October 2004


The Ant's Legs

A young boy decides to walk 400 km from Hokkaido to Osaka by himself. Black Jack, whose story unknowingly inspired the boy, decides to follow.

18 October 2004


Thieving Dog

Black Jack adopts a lazy dog named Largo that can predict danger. Also, Black Jack is accused of being a serial killer when there is a greater force at work. This is a one hour special featuring two back to back unrelated episodes.

17 July 2006


Playing Doctor

Kong, a bully at Sharaku’s school, requests that an amateur actor at his school pretend to be Doctor Black Jack so his sick sister can be relieved.

1 November 2004


Sixth Magnitude Man

Black Jack meets Dr. Shiitake, a skilled but unnoticed doctor from Manaka Hospital. As the hospital becomes embroiled in a bribing scandal regarding who will become the new chairman, it is up to Black Jack and Dr. Shiitake to set things straight.

8 November 2004


A Teacher and a Pupil

A boy afraid of his teacher Mr. Muramasa is hit by a motorcycle while going to school and wishing he could skip. His teacher, remorseful begs Black Jack to help.

15 November 2004


White Lion

A white lion named Luna Luna is sick and its kind caretaker asks for Black Jack’s help in curing him.

22 November 2004


Miracle Arms

An aspiring and skilled sushi chef Taku has his arms amputated after a traffic accident and requests the person who caused his accident, Akira, to become his new arms.

22 November 2004


Drawing Water

Busy and unable to care for her, a doctor kicks his mother out of his hospital and she decides to stay in an old abandoned house. She makes friends with Pinoko, Sharaku, and Black Jack who decide to show the doctor what is truly important.

29 November 2004


Legend of the Phoenix"

Black Jack receives a request to save the life of a 200 year old man by descendant Miriam who wishes to learn about the whereabouts of a Phoenix, which is believed to be the secret behind his longevity.

13 December 2004


Gift from a Killer Whale

Black Jack thinks back to how after a year, Black Jack did not receive a single customer until coming across a hurt killer whale whom he named Toriton and their strange friendship.

17 January 2005


Give My Brother Back to Me

An actor with a lympathic problem is mistakenly believed to have been kidnapped by Black Jack and his younger brother sets out to save him.

24 January 2005


A Pirate’s Arm

Ichinoseki, a promising gymnast, loses an arm to gangrene and through the encouragement of his friend Toshie via transistor in his arm, pursues competitive shogi and realizes who his real friends are.

31 January 2005


Move, Solomon

A lifeguard saves Pinoko and reveals himself as Musashi an aspiring animator with little luck but when he becomes sick, it is up to Black Jack to save him.

7 February 2005


The Fabricated Wedding

Michiru is dying of cancer and decides to marry the first man she sees through her door, who turns out to be Black Jack. Black Jack goes through with the charade but when the surgery proves successful, Michiru still insists on the wedding.

14 February 2005


Missing Pinoko

Pinoko helps a burglar reconnect with his family and find a job after he tries to break in and steal Black Jack’s money.

21 February 2005


The Idol Who Lost Her Voice

Chiyoko befriends Rei, the school star who loses her voice due to a polyp. Unfortunately, her life as the student president, choir member, and broadcast club member complicates her need to keep quiet and preserve her voice.

28 February 2005


Mail friends

Jun is paraplegic but lies to his online friend Tom that he plays baseball while Tom lies to Jun about being able to horseback ride when in reality he suffers from an illness produced blindness.

7 March 2005


Good Luck, Kowa Clinic

Black Jack befriends a country doctor named Dr. Kowa who shares many similarities to Black Jack, including the fact they are both unlicensed doctors.

14 March 2005


Tetsu of Yamanote Line

This story reveals the past of Tetsu, the owner of Black Jack’s favorite coffee shop and his past as a pickpocket and the circumstances that led to this.

21 March 2005


Ice Breaker

Kumiko loses her sight in one eye due to glaucoma and Black Jack installs a new cornea for her to see again. Only now she begins to see the image of a young man reaching his hand out to her.

11 April 2005


Pinoko’s Plans for Adulthood

Pinoko decides to enter a relationship with a  young boy named Tinq to make Black Jack jealous until he requires surgery. Unfortunately, his organs are reversed.

11 April 2005


Pouring Rain then Love

Black Jack becomes acquainted with Kiyomi, a young pretty physician at a distant island who falls in love with him.

18 April 2005


A Challenge called Nadare

A young doctor must confront his past as his experiment to increase the intelligence of his pet deer Nadare causes trouble as he deems humans evil and attacks them in the woods.

25 April 2005


The Cholera Epidemic

When Black Jack has lunch with a doctor who turns out to have cholera, he quarantines himself for three days while Pinoko is forced to deal with a difficult patient

2 May 2005


Abacus Genius

Black Jack remembers when he operated on a boy named Eiji, a genius at the abacus who couldn’t move his fingers and used his tongue to operate the abacus.

9 May 2005


Tragedy of a Technology Room

Black Jack, Pinoco, and several rich men get stuck in a disaster proof bunker and are running out of air.

16 May 2005


Wilderness Epidemic

Black Jack and Pinoco are requested by a former patient who is infected with a strange disease to investigate a recent plague in Australia which infects Black Jack, who operates on himself while Pinoko is separated from him and befriends an Aussie.

23 May 2005


"Arranging the Flower of Life"

Sono, the heir of her family’s lineage of ikebana is suffering from a weak heart and sensitivity to heat which is made worse by her father pushing her to succeed the family and earn the title of family head.

30 May 2005


The Operation of the Thunderstorm

A massive strike at a hotel prevents a boy from receiving help for his father by the hotel doctor, who selfishly states he is on strike. It is up to a nearby woman and Black Jack to save her.

6 June 2005


Intimidation in the Twentieth Year

Black Jack’s hands begin to paralyze in the middle of an operation, and Black Jack begins to remember a cryptic message he heard from Dr. Honma about a prophecy where in twenty years Black Jack’s body will become paralyzed.

13 June 2005


The Terror of the Azure Sky

Black Jack visits an island he bought that has a fisherman and a son arguing over what the son should do with his future.

20 June 2005


An Invader from The Sky

A boy believes  aliens are conducting experiments on him as he and the people around him begin to act strangely after he sees what appears to be a UFO.

27 June 2005


Shaky Operating Room

Black Jack visits a neighborhood to receive payment and bumps into the town mooch whose wife needs surgery but Black Jack is unable to perform because the train nearby makes the village shake, forcing the man to stop the trains himself.

4 July 2005


Hijack the Hospital

Black Jack must find a way to finish an operation when a group of terrorists seize the hospital he is working at.

11 July 2005


The House on the Cape is Incomplete

Black Jack explains to Pinoko that he will not fix his house until the carpenter that had built the house comes back to fix it himself.

18 July 2005


The Dolphin and the Pirates

Black Jack is kidnapped and put on a ship by robbers who force him to save the brother of one of the robbers who is dying from a bullet wound, but things get worse when they are shipwrecked. However, a dolphin sacrifices its life to send them home.

1 August 2005


A Challenge from the Unknown

Black Jack accompanies Sharaku and his sister Chiyoko on an archeological expedition with their father only to have Sharaku put under an alien’s mind control and Black Jack forced into performing surgery on an alien.

8 August 2005


The War Continues

Luna, a boy from Iru is suffering from a spinal cord injury made worse when his mother forces him to walk to enlist in the war. However, Black Jack fixes his back and helps mother and son make amends.

15 August 2005


The Mannequin and the Police

A police officer known for his annoying rigidness pushes everyone away, including his dates and his coworkers. His only friend is a police statue.

22 August 2005


The Miracle of a Movie and an Operation

A movie director wants to film Black Jack’s operation of his son, who has a congenital disorder, putting his immune system at harm.

29 August 2005


Life’s Wrong Diagnosis

A cocky and overconfident doctor makes a misdiagnosis on one of his patients and it takes his young assistant and Black Jack to set him straight.

5 September 2005



Black Jack creates a cure for a mysterious disease that plagues Africa but is too late to give it to his former mentor.

12 September 2005


Pinoko was Born

A flashback to how Black Jack met Pinoko as a teratoma on her twin sister- a cystic tumor that contains an undeveloped twin that her sister tries to get rid of but Pinoko won’t let the doctors operate on her.

10 October 2005


A Classmate Who Loves to Laugh

Black Jack remembers his friend Gera who taught him how to smile and whom he shares similarly tragic circumstances. Unfortunately, a debt collector stabs Gera with one of Black Jack’s darts and while Black Jack operates on him once he becomes a doctor, Gera still dies, but does so with a laugh

17 October 2005


The Bodyguard at the Festival

Jaw is a boy that loves to push others around but when he discovers he has a heart disease that becomes worse with strenuous activity, he has a change of heart.

24 October 2005


A Violin from a Snowfall

The plane Black Jack and Pinoko are on encounters a snowstorm and ends up precariously balancing at the edge of a crevice. Everyone panics until the famous violinist Morozov calms them. The passengers take shelter in a nearby village but when Morozov loses his violin, he sets out in the storm to get it back, receiving frostbite on his fingers in the process. Black Jack, without his tools, is forced to amputate his fingers.

31 October 2005


The Robin and the Boy

A robin constantly brings money to Black Jack and Black Jack learns that the man who saved the robin’s spouse is ill and the robin wants Black Jack’s help.

7 November 2005


The Distorted Face

A serial killer wants Black Jack to operate on him as his face is distorted by a carbuncle with a personality of its own, though it turns out this carbuncle is his conscious and whether Black Jack knows it or not, won’t leave so the serial killer will stop his murders.

14 November 2005


The Brothers that Were Separated

A company president asks Black Jack to pretend to be his son so he can operate on his brother, who he is not on good terms with since he abandoned the path to be a doctor. However, Black Jack brings over the man’s real son and acts as his assistant instead.

21 November 2005


The Famous Acupuncturist

An acupuncturist named Biwamaru heals patients with no fee and undermines Black Jack and his surgeries. However, when one of his treatments proves more harm than good, Black Jack must show him the errors of his pride and arrogance.

28 November 2005


The Moment of Witness

The police request Black Jack to restore the sight of a woman who witnessed the man who bombed a train station. However, Black Jack refuses as the surgery would only restore her sight for five minutes. Will he change his mind?

5 December 2005


Locker’s Cradle

A gangster asks Black Jack for help in raising a baby abandoned in locker while dealing with her estranged parents.

19 December 2005


The Fortunes and Misfortunes of a Deceitful Parent and Child

A man steals another man’s face to earn his fortunes; however, the man’s fortunes are gone and he is left with his mother who also turns out to be a fake. Both requested plastic surgery from Black Jack and are deceiving each other. How will this turn out?

16 January 2006


The Platform of Life

Black Jack saves a model who suffers from a severe illness whose life has been one misery after another.

23 January 2006


The Skin Donor

Black Jack goes to Europe where he meets his friend Takashi, the one who gave him part of his skin

30 January 2006


Pinoko and the Exam Diary

Pinoko tries to enter high school by taking a high school entrance exam, but the stress proves too much for her

6 February 2006


The Old man and a Tree

An old man tries to protect his tree that has protected him and been his friend for years.

13 February 2006


Black Queen

Black Jack meets his female equivalent, a woman who is known for her cold exterior and amputations.

20 February 2006


"The Encounter Between the Two with a Past"

Black Jack saves an amnesiac patient who is taken in by a truck driver who spotted her and took her to Black Jack. The two fall in love, however when the woman remembers who she once was, she leaves him and the man’s life takes a turn for the worse.

27 February 2006


The Tale of Two Pinokos

Black Jack meets a girl who looks like Pinoko and suffers from a bad cold and lungs problem due to living next to a factory that pollutes the air.

6 March 2006

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