Kumiko Honma
Vital statistics
Title Honma Joutarou's Daughter
Gender Female
Race Japanese-Chinese
Faction Waitress at Tom's Coffee Shop; Oana Senior High School
Health Normal; Formerly had Glaucoma (anime; Formerly had Full Moon's Disease (manga)
Level Good waitress
Status Alive
Location Oana; Japan

Kumiko Honma is the late Jotaro Honma's daughter and a waitress at Black Jack's favorite cafe, Tom's Coffee Shop.

Appearance Edit

She is a young high school girl with brown hair at roughly shoulder length and brown eyes. She is typically seen wearing either her waitress outfit or high school uniform. Her waitress outfit consists of a white shirt with a red ribbon tied around the collar and black skirt covered with a blue apron. Her high school uniform is a bluejacket over a white collared shirt with a red ribbon tied around and a red skirt.

Personality Edit

Kumiko is a kind, mature, shy and sweet girl. She is also very caring, introverted and attentive.

Background Edit

Her first love was Dr. Black Jack, though she doesn't know this as she couldn't remember his face. She is Jotaru Honma's daughter who moved from China to Oana Senior High School under the care of Tetsu, a patient of her father's who helped him in the past. Tetsu treats her as his own daughter and also employs her in the coffee shop he owns as a waitress, which Black Jack frequently visits. She has an intergenerational friendship with Black Jack. She is also good friends with Chiyoko, Sharaku, and Pinoko.

Plot Edit

Manga/Anime Differences Edit

  • In the anime, she has glaucoma and Dr. Black Jack performs the operation. In the manga, however, it was a different patient.
  • In the anime, the person she continues to see through her new cornea turns out to be the fiancee of the deceased woman whose cornea was donated to Kumiko. However, in the manga, the person the patient sees turns out to be a murderer/assaulter who Black Jack stops. In both the anime and manga, the women had their hearts broken as they had fallen in love with the man they saw and Black Jack consoled them, stating spring would arise for them.
  • In the manga, her name was Kumi Yamashita and she was the 18 year old fiancee of Shoichi Maruguri who dumped her after she developed Cushing's syndrome. When Black Jack cured her, he tried to take her back but Black Jack defended her from him.

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