Kiyomi in love
Vital statistics
Title Doctor
Gender Female
Race Japanese
Faction Island Doctor
Health Normal
Level Skilled Doctor
Status Alive
Location Japan

Kiyomi Shimizu is the only doctor at an unknown island and the older or younger sister of Ikuo Shimizu. She makes her first appearance in Episode 23: Pouring Rain, then Love.

Appearance Edit

Kiyomi is a beautiful and petite young woman with short brown hair and big brown eyes.

Personality Edit

Kiyomi is a kind young woman who is also very busy and stressed as she is the only doctor on the island. She is very reliable and many of the people on the island depend on her to help them with their sickness and injuries. Despite being kind and normally polite, she has shown that she has a temper such as getting angry with one of her patients for sneaking a lizard into the pants of his classmate or when Black Jack refused to accompany her to help her with the sudden epidemic of stomach aches and she needed someone to help her check on everyone (though as it turns out he stayed behind in the clinic to make sure someone who came and needed help would have a doctor at hand and he knew the only doctors at hand were him and her).

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Ikuo Shimizu Edit

Ikuo is the older or younger brother of Kiyomi who was once a school doctor. It is revealed that he died in a mudslide when he tried to rescue a kid there about a year ago.

Black Jack Edit

Kiyomi first met Black Jack at a mudslide where her brother died. Black Jack and Ikuo both bear a striking resemblance but there are a few differences:

  • Ikuo has fully black or brown hair and no scar while Black Jack has half white, half black hair and a scar on the left side of his face.

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Trivia Edit

  • Kiyomi seems to resemble Black Jack's former love Megumi.
  • When Kiyomi first meets Black Jack, she became shocked due to the fact that Black Jack bears a striking resemblance to her brother.