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Vital statistics
Title Guffaw: The Laughing Joker
Gender Male
Race Japanese
Faction Student; Black Jack's patient
Health Deceased
Level Unknown
Status Deceased
Location Grave

Appearance Edit

(1) Brown hair, long eyebrows and small nose,eye, and mouth, Clothing: White Shirt and Grey Pants.

(2) At hospital; skinny face, long chin and in white blanket.

Personality Edit

Loved to laugh as he felt crying and being angry was exhausting.

Background Edit

Plot Edit

Abilities Edit

Wanted to write manga that would make people laugh

Relationships Edit

He was known as Hazama Kuroo's enemy, until he told Hazama about laughing and his personality, Hazama changed his mind and be friends with Hazama.

Quotes Edit

"Only smart creatures laugh."

Trivia Edit