Playing Doctor
Season 1, Episode 04
Air date November 1 2004
Directed by Makoto Tezuka
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Episode 03: Thieving Dog
Episode 05: The Sixth Magnitude Man

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Kong, a bully at Sharaku’s school, requests an amateur actor at his school named Keaton to pretend to be Doctor Black Jack so his sick sister can be relieved.

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Largo and Pinoko are having a fight as Pinoko tries to bathe Largo. Black Jack then gets a call about a sixx year old girl whom the hosptial can't determine the bacteria causing the disease and request his help. Black Jack can't hear much with the noise from the ruckus Pinoko and Largo are causing and tells them to call back later. He then threatens to give both Pinoko and Largo shots if they don't behave and clean up. The scene then shifts to Sharaku hiding and running from Kong and his friends. He hides behind the school building near the baseball field but is caught. As Kong tries to take off his bandage, a stray baseball hits him in the head, allowing Sharaku to escape. Sharaku later escapes to the theater, where Keaton, a school actor, helps hide them. Unfortunately, when Kong nearly gives up searching for him, Sharaku sneezes topping over the stage.

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