Dr. Kowa
Vital statistics
Title Doctor
Gender Male
Race Japanese
Faction Unlicensed Doctors
Health Normal
Level Skilled doctor
Status Alive
Location Japan

Appearance Edit

Dr. Kowa is a short bald old man somewhere around the age of 60.

Personality Edit

Dr. Kowa is as Pinaco says "a short grumpy doctor who she dosnt want to be treated by. While its true he is short its quickly noticible that he is a very caring doctor and very well liked by the villagers.

Background Edit

His background is not very well known more than that he once studied to become a doctor but had to leave before getting his licence. A few years later he settled in the Village and became a doctor there even though he didnt have a licence.

Plot Edit

Black Jack meets Dr. Kowa when he went to the clinic to seek help with Pinaco who had stomach aches (most likly due to eating too much candy)

During Dr. Kowa's examination on the patient next to Pinaco Black Jack over heard Dr. Kowa mentioning that he would give a special medicine which he had created to the child who suffered from pain. With a simple look on the child Black Jack said that the child needed surgery and not some medicine. Dr. Kowa paniced and quickly moved Black Jack to another room complaning about Black Jacks remark about the medicine.

Here Dr. Kowa found out that Black Jack is an unlicensed doctor and quickly tried to push him out of the clinic. However at the same moment the childs pain got worse and Black Jack once again said that surgery was needed. But Dr. Kowa had never done such a hard surgery and immidietly started to panic about what to do, at this point Black Jack offered to be the doctors assistant during this surgery and so they started the surgery which mostly consisted of Black Jack telling Dr. Kowa and his assistant what to get, what to do, how to do and how not to do it.

In the end Dr. Kowa succeded with the surgery and was very happy about doing such a complicated surgery, at this point he noticed that Black Jack had already left and quickly rushed after him to ask for his name as he couldnt believe that someone of Black Jacks skill was an unlicensed doctor. Black Jack just answered that he were the same as Dr. Kowa (an unlicensed doctor) Which Dr. Kowa though nobody else knew.

Much later Black Jack and Pinaco meet Dr. Kowa in the city where they find out that he is once again studying, this time to complete his training and become a proper licensed doctor.

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Trivia Edit

  • Even at old age Dr. Kowa went back to get a proper education.
  • Dr. Kowa have been in the village for atleast 30 years carefully taking care of everyone he could as it was too far for the villagers to travel to a bigger city.