Major Manga Edit

Black Jack (manga)


Say Hello to Black Jack/Black Jack ni Yoroshiku/Give My Regards to Black Jack

Shin Black Jack ni Yoroshiku

Young Black Jack

Minor Manga Edit

Black Jack: The Dark Surgeon

Black Jack: Aoki Mirai

Black Jack: BJ x bj

Black Jack: Kuro Ishi

Black Jack Alive

Black Jack M

Black Jack Neo

Black Jack ni Narimasen Deshita

Black Jack Sousaku Hiwa- tezuka Osamu no Shigotoba kara

Tezuka Gakuen

Black Jack Real- Kandou no Iryou Taikendan

Kami no Te o Motsu Futari- Dark Angel Gaiden - Black Jack x Hikawa Miwako

Anime Series Edit

Black Jack: Four Miracles of Life

Black Jack (2004 TV Series)

Black Jack 21

Ray the Animation

Young Black Jack

Anime Films Edit

Black Jack The Movie

Black Jack: Two Doctors of Darkness

OVA Edit

Ovas 1-10 (1993-2000)

Ovas 11-12 (2012)

ONA Edit

Twelve Black Jack ONA

Live Action Edit

  • 1977 film Hitomi no naka no houmonsha (瞳の中の訪問者 – "The Visitor in the Eye" AKA "The Eye's Visitor"), directed by Hausu director Nobuhiko Ôbayashi and starring Jō Bushido as Blackjack
  • 1981 (January 8 - April 9) 13 episode TV drama series Kama Puzo no Blackjack with Blackjack's origin story is changed and he is given a secret identity as Miro Ban do, a businessman and owner of an art gallery.
  • 1996, three Black Jack direct-to-video films were released by Band Visual, starring Daisie Ruy as Black Jack and Hamilton Fajita as Pinoko.
  • 2000-2001, a series of three made-for-TV movies were aired on the TBS (Tokyo Broadcasting System) TV channel
  • 2011 Young Blackjack (ヤング ブラック・ジャック) is a reinvention of Black Jack's origin story, starring Masaki Okada as a young Kuroo Hazama, before he became known as Black Jack
  • Chinese film production company Beijing Enlight Media is developing a live-action internet film series adaptation of Black Jack with 13 films planned and also a theatrical feature film.

Short Film Edit

Pinoko no Mori No Bouken

Black Jack: Capital to Heian

Cameos in Other Anime or Series Edit

Episode 27 1980 Astro Boy Anime

1979 Marine Express

Phoenix 2772

One Million Year Trip: Bandar Book

2004 video games Astro Boy and Astro Boy: Omega Factor

Tezuka's work Buddha as a hallucination

A cameo under a different name and somewhat different appearance in "Phoenix" in the volume titled "Nostalgia", where he apparently holds some degree of power over a group of thugs about to take advantage of the main character Romy.

Black Jack is also ambiguously referenced in the manga Pluto, a remake of Astro Boy created by Naoki Urasawa with approval from Osamu Tezuka before his death.

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House Commercial

Museum Edit

He is featured as part of Osamu Tezuka's museum

Cultural Legacy Edit

He is one of the most well known characters of Osamu Tezuka. In addition, he has inspired other authors such as the manga Monster.