Vital statistics
Title The Blind Acupuncturist
Gender Male
Race Japanese
Faction Traveling Acupuncturist
Health Old; Blind; Normal
Level Skilled as Acunpuncturist
Status Traveling; Alive
Location Everywhere

Appearance Edit

He is an elderly man with ragged clothing. He is bald and blind in both eyes, his left which is entirely closed while his right is covered wit a monocle. He is usually shown walking with a cane in his left hand and carrying a large coin purse looking bag on his back.

Personality Edit

He is a kind man who uses his skills as an acupuncturist to help those who are sick. He does not charge money for his services, which is why he is so poor. He disapproves of surgery, believing human beings weren't made to be poked around and is arrogant in his skills. However, when his skills end up causing his patient (who had a fear of needles) more pain, Black Jack showed him the errors of his ways. He does not like to owe people but when he does (such as when Black Jack saves his patient) he will do whatever he can to repay it.

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Abilities Edit

He is a skilled acupuncturist, capable of healing many ailments through poking needles in specific vital points.

Relationships Edit

He is a rival of sorts to Black Jack, but the two seem to be on friendlier terms

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Trivia Edit

He is a character from one of Osamu tezuka's other manga Dororo.