Benitokage is a character in Black Jack 21. She is the half sister of Black Jack (on his father's side) and she was trained as an assassin to kill Black Jack.

Appearance Edit

Benitokage is a beautiful young woman with long red hair, purple eyes, a lean well built curvy figure and a thin face.

Personality Edit

Benitokage is a murderous young woman who has been trained at a young age to be an assassin but has a change of heart and ultimately sacrifices herself to save Black Jack (Benitokage's half brother).

Background Edit

Benitokage is raised by Zen Mantoku (Benitokage's grandfather) as an assassin to silence him and Pinoko everywhere he went for the sake of finding out the truth of the incident that happened during the bombing disaster on the mine field. She becomes increasingly obsessed with killing him since he always manages to escape and even disobeys orders to leave him alone as she claims it is her way of life to end her target. However, while obsessed with killing him, she ends up learning that she is his half brother taken from her parents by her grandfather due to his dislike for his son in law and she sacrifices herself to save him. she is similar to the manga counterpart in that she sacrifices herself to save Black Jack at the cost of her own life and the two reconcile at her death.

Abilities Edit

Benitokage is a talented assassin who is also skilled in weapon and strategic moves.

Trivia Edit

  • The name Benitokage means "red" (beni) and "lizard" (tokage) in Japanese.
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