Black Jack Edit

This is a 63 episode television series; it first aired on 11, October, 2004. The episodic plot revolves around an unlicensed surgeon named Black Jack healing other people while charging high fees. He is hated and feared by many because of his apparent greed and his scars, caused by a tragic explosion in his youth. However, he is not the greedy mercenary he portrays himself as.

The tone of this series is often lighter than the manga, with some endings changed to be softer and more child-friendly, and the promotion of Largo from a one-shot character to one who appears in nearly every episode.

Black Jack 21 Edit

This is a 17 episode television series. This series is aimed at a somewhat older audience than the first Black Jack television anime series, so the tone is darker, more violent, and less idealistic. The plot begins when Hazama Kagemitsu, Black Jack's father, suddenly calls upon his son to perform an operation on his wife. Following the operation, Black Jack returns to find a bomb in his home; the bomb is of the same type as the one in the accident that occured in his youth 21 years ago. It turns out that a mysterious organization is plotting to assasinate him. Black Jack and Pinoko travel the world as they try to solve the mystery of a strange and mysterious disease called Phoenix Disease, uncover the truth behind the Noir Project, and uncover the motives of the organization.

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